Who are we?

The team at EnviroSport is made up of a number of family members with experience in the worlds of cycling (road and BMX), squash, equestrian and cricket, as well as many years in the field of natural skincare. We know from experience what it is like to end a day in the sporting area, with tired and aching muscles, dry and chapped skin from exposure to the elements and not having access to a cleansing and refreshing shower. So the EnviroSport Team has been able to draw on this real world experience to develop a range of skin and muscle care products, that are handmade in small batches, for freshness, using carefully selected natural ingredients.

We use only natural Australian ingredients where possible? Australia is renowned for producing pure non polluted products, so we certainly wanted to draw on these natural fresh ingredients. As the whole concept of skin and muscle care is about whatever you use on your skin is taken in through your pores and into your bloodstream, the use of only the purest, freshest, environmentally sensitive and effective ingredients is of the utmost importance. We do NOT use harsh or potentially damaging chemicals in creating our products and you WON’T find parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates or artificial colourings in our ingredients lists.

We have personally (both our team members and a range of selected athletes) tested our products for effectiveness in preparing the body for sporting activities, relieving them from the effects of competition or training, as well as cleansing the skin and rehydrating it after exposure to the elements after sport. We certainly hope that you find our 6 skin and muscle care products helpful in enabling you to enjoy your own sport, without having to suffer some of the effects that exposure to the elements and working your body hard can bring.

Good sporting….The EnviroSport Team